1.00 kg de résine époxy SR Surf Clear EVO, SICOMIN

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Sicomin Surf Clear EVO epoxy system is:
 - specially formulated for the manufacturing of surf boards.
 - suitable for hand lay up of glass, carbon, aramid, natural and synthetic fibers.
 - compatible with all commercial foams: polystyrene, polyurethane, cross-linked & linear PVC foams and others.
 - compatible with all typical fillers used in the surf Industry.
High mechanical performance epoxy system recommended for surfboard production.
Yields surfboards with a flexible touch, high temperature and UV stability.
High surface and' plug finishing, for high gloss requirement.
Other applications: surf repairs, fin boxes & plugs, pattern and model coating, etc...
Low odor and reduced skin aggression for a better work environment.
3 hardeners EVO are available with the same mixing 2 / 1 ratio by volume.
 - Medium hardener is designed for big boards or high ambient temperature applications (over 35 °C).
 - Fast hardener is designed for classic boards In mild temperature working conditions (around 20"C).
 - Super-Fast hardener is designed for fast lamination, gloss and repairs or low temperature application conditions.
Advices for application:
Work in a clean environment with heating facility.
Ideal working temperature from 18 °C to 30 °C.
Maintain a constant temperature during lamination.
Avoid high ambient humidity.
Avoid exposure to U.V. during the cure. Laminates and coatings benefitting from a sun free post cure or polymerized for at least 7 days at 18°C will obtain greater U.V. resistance and mechanical properties
Do not dilute with solvents. Please consult our technical assistance.
The use of compatible pigments is possible.
Keep packaging well-sealed as hardeners are sensitive to carbonic gas and humidity.
A polyurethane or other top coat paint can (for best UV protection) be applied, without primer, after sanding the final
layer of Surf Clear EVO.
*SICOMIN Is heavily involved in green chemistry. When technology and availability of raw materials allows, we choose
raw materials from biomass sourcing. Surf Clear EVO epoxy resin is manufactured with a green carbon content of 40 %.
*Hardeners react with carbon dioxide and moisture. Need to be kept in its original closed container. Avoid to a maximum any contact with air. If the aspect becomes cloudy, do not use.
Epoxy resin Surf Clear EVO
Aspect Liquid
Color Light purple
Color Gardner 2 maximum
Viscosity (mPa.s) @ 15°C 5100 ± 1020
  @ 20°C 2700 ± 540
  @ 25°C 1550 ± 310
  @ 30°C 950 ± 190
  @ 40°C 400 ± 80
Density @ 20°C 1.18 ± 0.01
Refractive index @ 25°C 1.5452
Storage stability Ambiant 2 years minimum. Cristalization free
Hardeners EVO
Ref SD EVO Medium SD EVO Fast SD EVO Super Fast
Aspect / Colour Clear liquid Clear liquid Clear liquid
Color Gardner 1 max 1 max 1 max
Viscosity (mPa.s) @ 15°C 215 ± 45 450 ± 90 650 ± 130
  @ 20°C 145 ± 30 290 ± 60 400 ± 80
  @ 25°C 100 ± 20 190 ± 40 270 ± 54
  @ 30°C 70 ± 15 130 ± 25 180 ± 36
  @ 40°C 40 ± 10 68 ± 15 90 ± 18
Storage stability 15 to 25°C 24 months
Density @ 20°C 0.992 1.006 1.022
Refractive index @ 25°C 1.5118 1.5181 1.5234
Marques Sicomin
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le  09 Mai 2020
(1.00 kg de résine époxy SR Surf Clear EVO, SICOMIN)


Super facile à travailler, mais ça colle aux doigts, je crois que c'est normal et c'est pour ça qu'on l'aime (mais ne pas se lécher les doigts, c'est pas de la confiture).
Bonne tolérance aux légères erreurs de dosage (+/- 3%)

le  07 Avr. 2020
(1.00 kg de résine époxy SR Surf Clear EVO, SICOMIN)


résine vraiment translucide et facile à utiliser.

le  06 Fév. 2020
(1.00 kg de résine époxy SR Surf Clear EVO, SICOMIN)

Super résine

Très bonne résine, tolérante, facile à utiliser

le  26 Oct. 2019
(1.00 kg de résine époxy SR Surf Clear EVO, SICOMIN)


Résine transparente et facile à utiliser

le  28 Juil. 2019
(1.00 kg de résine époxy SR Surf Clear EVO, SICOMIN)

C’est cher mais c’est bon

J’aurais bien mis 5 étoiles s’il y avait eu dans le bidon les 1kg de résines annoncées ce qui n'était Pas le cas.
Excellent rendu après séchage .
Résine incolore après séchage contrairement à d’autres marques vendues dans les magasins d’accastsillage.

le  11 Sept. 2018
(1.00 kg de résine époxy SR Surf Clear EVO, SICOMIN)


Résine à haute transparence. facile à travailler,

le  24 Oct. 2017
(1.00 kg de résine époxy SR Surf Clear EVO, SICOMIN)


livraison rapide