• In 1976
    I started playing around with a polyurethane elastomer foam, synthetic rubber, that when the skin was lightly sanded off exposed an open cell that acted like miniature suction cups that gripped your feet. Wow, was I stoked, I had these great sheets with pressure sensitive tape that would cover the whole deck. The stoke was short lived, surfers didn’t even want to give it a try.
    It was difficult to apply and they were used to using wax. I started cutting it in to small dots and checks in bright colors and it caught on as a punk fashion statement.
    - Herbie Fletcher

  • As time went by I looked at it like the last part of my shaping job by adding kicks, arches, and different surface patterns for ultimate grip and control until the designs evolved into the patented multigridllock high performance foot pad of today.

    Our team is huge as everyone that chooses to use the best grip available, AstroDeck, is part of our team. Some of the better known riders include:

    Herbie Fletcher
    Nathan Fletcher
    Christian Fletcher
    Greyson Fletcher
    Makua Rothman
    Matt Archibold
    Alex Knost

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Results 1 - 25 of 25 items