Flexi-Hex Sleeve unit - Lite Sleeve

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100% recyclable, re-usable and adaptable
Flexi-Hex changes the way boards are packaged

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Easy to assemble

With current surfboard packaging times between 15- 20 minutes and a variety of different methods and materials used, flexi-hex is designed to be user friendly and reduce the time and materials involved.

Made from 2 cardboard sleeves

Assembles in 2 minutes


Environmentally Friendly

Flexi-Hex is produced from cardboard that is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. It’s implementation into the packaging stream displaces a considerable amount of plastic waste and benefits its users via a multiple-use lifespan. Cardboard is not only recyclable, affordable, accessible, and lightweight, it is also surprisingly strong and durable. The sleeves are designed to not only protect the rails, but the deck, nose and tail


Flexible Sizing

The hexagonal cellular structure allows flexibility to fit almost any shape surfboard. The honeycomb geometry expands to create a sleeve 35 times wider than its compressed form. To allow for varying sizes, Flexi-Hex is made of two open ended modular sleeves cut to size and fixed at the center point. Once nested on top of each other, the system creates 30mm of separation between surfboards, further protecting them during shipping

30mm seperation between surfboards.

Cost Efficient

Flexi-hex intends to reduce the costs involved in packaging through efficient use of materials and time. The benefits will accrue throughout the supply chain due to better protection, the ease of unpacking boards at retail and the fact that surfers can reuse the sleeves.



  • Expands 30mm x 600mm wide

  • Dimensions 1100mm x 35mm x 35mm

  • 2 layers of 15mm paper honeycomb protection

  • 3.6mm card protects board rails