Just fins set up for your surfboard?

Choosing a surf fin is not easy. What's more when it comes to longboards, singles, eggs or mid-lengths. Tastes and colors are not discussed BUT the shape and functionality of a fin, yes! Here is an illustrated guide to best help you in your choice of fin.


JUST 7”it's a versatile and reliable fin for your egg, mid length or single fin. Ideal mounting on a single or a longboard in 2+1. This fin gives good control in curves and down the line.

JUST 7,5”an "all-around" fin that works perfectly as a single on small boards or as a 2+1 on longer boards.


JUST 8” : a very versatile and reliable fin for your egg, longboard or single fin. Ideal for single or 2+1, it will give your board the perfect compromise between drive and loose.

JUST 8,5” : this longboard fin is made for maximum glide and finesse. It has just enough flex and drive for a smooth and effortless glide. To surf in single or 2+1 on eggs, longboards or gliders.

JUST 8,75” : fin that offers maximum drive and enough flex to ensure a good rail-to-rail transition. To surf in single or 2+1 on longboards or gliders.


JUST 9” : longboard single fin is a versatile fin for your longboard or mid-length. This fin will provide drive and pivot to feel comfortable in curves and flat sections.

JUST 9,25” : this fin gives to your longboard good pivot and drive in any conditions. The size of the fin combined with its retro-inspired design makes it easy to move and noseriding. It's an oldschool oriented fin to be mounted on a longboard over 9'2 for a perfect symbiosis.

JUST 9,75” : a model dedicated to longboard use. A very well balanced, versatile and reliable fin for your longboard. The full base offers a good drive at the bottom and down the line while the flex and tapered tip delivers a quality boost at the end of turns. This fin will give your longboard the perfect compromise between drive and loose.