Fins and fins boxes

Discover our selection of surf fins and removable fin boxes to customize your surfboard according to your needs. Whether you want to improve your board's performance or travel without the constraints of fixed fins, our products are designed to meet your needs. We offer both Futures fins and FCS fins for a wide range of surfboards.

  • Futures.
  • Captain Fin Co.
  • Longboard fins

    Take a look to our wide range of longboard & single fins, all of it compatible with your US box.

  • Dual Tab compatables fins

    Our range of fins: whichever the set-up of your surfboard, find your desired model for thruster, twin fin, quad (compatible).

  • Fins boxes

    Discover our removable fin systems for surfboards, ideal for those who want to evolve in their practice while maintaining the freedom to change fins or travel with removable fins. We offer Futures systems, known for their strength and lightness, for those looking to optimize their board's performance. We also have FCS systems, such as FCS II, FCS 1, or fusion, to meet a wide range of needs. Finally, we offer US box systems for the single or longboard fin attachment.


  • Glass-on fins

    Glass-on fins are high performance devices on a board. Lighter, being completely part of the board, those fins bring along rigidity at the base, and more flex in the middle and top of the fins, creating a boosting effect.

    Also used on ''vintage'' style board (twin fins, longboards, bonzers...) for their outstanding style and look.

  • US boxes, deck plugs,...

    Find here all the US boxes, plugs and inserts for making your surfboard.

  • FCS

    Fins and Fins boxes FCS. Find the whole production range of the famous brand of surf accessories.

    Fusion, FCS 2, Production fins set...

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