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We selected and created manufacturing Shape 3d files, to supply you a more comfortable basis in the elaboration of your surfboard.
Rather than to work on a 100% raw basis, our preshapes constitute a refined support on which you will come to bring the final touch !


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  • The Retro Fish is a board which works from 2' to 5' waves. The rocker is flat but there is a little tail kick to make shorter turns. Medium rails and simple to double concave bottom shape.

    192,00 € In Stock
  • The perfect board to learn the shotrboard spirit in summer's waves. Simple to double concave, the bottom shape is made to generate good speed. The down and modern rails keep the board performant.

    140,00 € In Stock
  • The Hybride is a round shape which could be surf in a lot of different waves condtions. The soft tail lift and the nose vee to the tail double concave make the board easier to turn.

    170,00 € In Stock
  • Pre-shape d'un Longboard performance usiné via notre machine à découpe numérique KKL. Modèle le plus performant de la gamme longboard. Réservé aux surfeurs confirmés. Avec une répartition de volume accès performance, cette planche vous permettra d’obtenir un surf radical. Son nose a également été retravaillé pour faciliter les marchés. Equipée en...

    240,00 € In Stock
  • The most radical board of our range, this shortboard will allow you to surf in many conditions. The bottom shape is single to double concave to get faster. The narrow tail and medium rails are made to make faster maneuvers.

    140,00 € In Stock
  • The Classic Noserider is a retro shape. Its volume and rounded nose make the paddling and the take off easier. The 50/50 rails and the deep spoon will give you much more stability during the noseriding.

    250,00 € In Stock
  • The Bonzer is a sportive surfboards which works in 3' to 10' waves. Different set up way available (Twin, Bonzer 3, Bonzer 5). Vee on the nose to two deep bonzer channels with medium rails to make a really challenger board.

    170,00 € In Stock
  • The Performance Gun is the best board to surf the strong winter swells. Vee double concave on the first half board to get speed and control. Modern rails.

    245,00 € In Stock
  • The Single retro is board inspired from the 80's which works in medium and clean waves. Bely on the nose to Vee on the tail with boxy rails to keep a smooth flow.

    185,00 € In Stock
  • The modern Twin is performant surfbard which is surfed in twin set up plus a stabiliser central fin. The medium rocker with concave to double concave vee bottom shape and modern rails makes the board really good in different kind of conditions.

    150,00 € In Stock
  • The Pig longboard has a lower wide point and a deep spoon to noseride easily. The retro shape with a vee on the tail and a 50-50 rails allow you to make all classic longboard maneuvers in small to medium waves.

    240,00 € In Stock
  • The round fish shortboard is a good surfboard for small to medium waves regarding the round and the wide outline. The flat rocker and the Vee to double concave to concave to Vee bottom shape makes the board fast and fun. Available with round or square tail.

    160,00 € In Stock
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