• Polyester resins

    The  SIL249-BFH is quite efficient when used together with a traditional PMEK catalyst, for lamination of not-coloured boards. Its optical whitener will give to your boards a ''whiter'' than white effect. Greater effect with SIL249-BB which get "double dose" of blue optical whitener. We recommend the SIL249- A "traditional" resin if you use it with together with pigments (tinted resin), or if you decide to work with a UV catalyst.

  • Epoxy Systems

    The Sicomin SURF CLEAR EVO resin is highly apprecciated by the Epoxy specialists. Specifically developped for the manufacturing of windsurf boards and surfboards This resin is designed for the lamination of fiberglass, carbon and aramid. This formula is compatible with all foams present on the market: EPS, polyurethan, pure PVC purs & AIREX. SURF CLEAR EVO is a high performance translucent product with auto-smoothening properties, which make it the best coating resin currently on the market. Very good UV stability.

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