You can choose to decorate and customize your board in different ways, and thanks to different processes.

  • Paint sprays
  • Pigments

    A single colour decoration, with dyed resin, is fairly easy to achieve. A few drops of coloured pigments into the resin that you will use to glass-on your board, until you obtain the desired colour, then add 1 to 1,5% catalyst and glass on !! For more advanced results, or swirls, keep in mind that your blank will be coloured only in the same colour it has first been in contact with. Let your imagination do the work, using opaque dyes or translucent dyes... The pigment should never represent more than 3% of the total resin volume in order to allow the polymerization to happen. Don't forget that you will have 10 to 15 minutes to achieve your work !

  • POSCA pens

    The POSCA paint marker is a water paint marker. A well known brand in the street art/graffiti worlds, it is generally used for decoration onto a finished board. The design/drawing must then be varnished with a "spray finish", to be fully protected against water, as water paint dissolves in....water ! The POSCA markers have a bevelled tip, which will allow thin or thicker lines.

  • Other tools

    On our category ''OTHER TOOLS" :

    • some masking tape of different widths. These high quality tapes (hanlding high temperatures) will help you will applying paints, or resins, and will therefore make your work easier and cleaner, sticking perfectly well on foam blanks - 3.6mm for pinlines - 4.6mm to cover shortboard stingers - 8mm to cover malibus/longboards stingers - 9,5mm for Futures Fins plugs and avoid any resin leak inside the plug - 19mm and 50mm for larger masking, while decorating the board, hot-coating or cutlaps...
    • some brushes specially designed and hold together for the work in resins or solvants (acetone) - width of 20mm or 60mm for ding repairs or the fitting of silk (logos)... - wider 120mm or 150mm. Some very wide brushed "spalter", used to spread the resin while hot-coating the board
    • and any others products as glue spray to fix your sand papers on sanding pads, pinlines stickers, rice papers for printing your own logo, wood glue...
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