Surfboard shaping complete kit, CNC preshaped

We developed for you "ready to shape" kits as well as predefine models of preshapes which will facilitate you manufacturing your surfboard. Regards of your skills and your experience, you will choose the solution which suits you best.


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  • Surfboard DIY kits

    We took care of making for you complete kits, adapted to the shape of your surfboard. These various kits include :a surfboard polyurethane blank, necessary quantity of fiberglass for your realization, corresponding quantity of polyester resin, one deck plug, one US box (depending of choosen kit), 125ml of catalyst, 125ml of wax in styren, 2 syringues for measuring volumes of additives, tongue depressors for mixing, 3 pair of latex gloves, a rice paper sheet for printing yor own logo.

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