How to choose your fins CAPTAIN FIN?

On a surfboard, the fins are a crucial element. It is important to choose your fins according to your size, your style, the type of waves you are used to surfing. And to go further, the same surfboard with a different set of fins can be completely transformed in its drive and maneuverability. It's up to you to find the right association.


The Twin Fin configuration will make your surfboard fun, playful and maneuverable. Keels are ideal for your fish and large Twins and offer more drive and speed without sacrificing too much maneuverability. The Keels provide a feeling of control in turns and down the line when the waves get bigger.


The Twin Fin configuration will make your surfboard fun, playful and maneuverable. Twin setups are great for your fish and can even be fun in bigger waves. The Twins provide a more Skatie feel and longer, more stretched turns.


Nowadays, 3-fins/Thruster configurations are the most common configuration and can be fitted to any type of surfboard. The two outer fins are closer to the middle of the board, angled towards the center of the board ("toed-in") and can be flat on the inside face to increase water flow and speed. The central fin is closest to the tail and has a 50/50 foil for more stability. Tri-fins are now a standard in the surfing world as they provide stability, control and maneuverability that beginners and pros alike excel at.


Quad fin setups provide speed in small surf by channeling water to the tip of the surfboard and to the tail for acceleration. The two fins near the rails of the board will add stability and drive when surfing big waves. Finally, quad fins are perfect for generating drive in curves.


Five fins setups are not meant to be surfed with five fins. The five boxes allow you to mix and match the fins according to your desires and the surf conditions. Go freely from a twin fin to thruster thruster, or at the speed of a quad without changing boards.


A SINGLE box is the most common set up on longboards and it is at the same time the most traditional setup. Single fins are limited, which means Single fins are ideal for fast, straight surfing. Single fins will bring stability, control and predictability to your longboard. Longboard housings are long and allow you to move the fin forward for a looser feel, or further back for more control.