Fiberglass cloth 

VIRAL Surf distributes several types of fiberglass intended for surfboards lamination. "Taffeta E-Glass" fabrics, weaved (0 90 °). represents the major part of fiberglass fabrics used for the surfboards manufacturing. Their use for more than 30 years in the surfing industry proove iit is an major product.

  • E-glass fiberglass cloth

    E-Glass fiberglass fabrics are used for the majority of surfboards produced in the world.

    Endowed with a "clear" F81 finish, these fabrics from Hexcel or Aerialite brands, are proposed to you in various wefts and various grammages, depending of the use that you wish to make with it.

  • S-glass fiberglass cloth

    The S-2 Glass ® fiberglass offers a better resistance to the impact and strenght in tension.

    It can be used in association with a layer of E-Glass fiberglass, on the deck of your surfboard, so as to strengthen this more requested part of the board.

  • Volan fiberglass cloth

    "Volan" finish is available on a few fiberglass fabrics styles, offerings a slightly green finish, very often used for manufacturing "retro" look surfboards as well as producing high quality single fins.

    This finish is proposed to you only on most important grammage fabrics (from 6 to 10 onces)..

  • Biaxial fiberglass cloth

    Threads of the "bibiais" fabrics are in + 45 °/-45 ° and held sets by a thread of sewing ; that's why it's also called f biaxial fabrics.

    These fabrics are mainly used for EPS constructions , on no stringer surfboard blanks, to offer to the board a better flexibility and a reactivity.

    A "classic" use also for Stand Up Paddles lamination.

  • Linen cloth

    Opt for linen fiber fabrics, whether it is by choice of aestheticism (its amber color and natural look), or by "ecological" conviction.

    This natural fiber is able offering you an equal resistance to more classical fiberglass fabrics. It would also be more flexible, and more absorbent to the vibrations.

    It can be associated with a layer of fiberglass during the lamination.

  • Special reinforcement...

    ESF Technology offers innovative reinforcement fabrics, which main vocation  is to strengthen fiberglass taffeta E-Glass (0 / 90 °) type manufacturings, by coming "to meet" different compositions threads.

    Glass, Polyester, Aramid, Carbon, Innegra ™ are so used in the composition of these reinforcements Vector Net, to bring aestheticism and solidity to your surfboard (and SUP).

  • Reinforcement tapes

    Use our reinforcements tapes, with various widths, and various composites, to strengthen rails or the tail of your surfboard.

    In the biggest widths and compositions including kevlar or carbon, these tapes could ideally come to replace the traditional wooden stringer on some EPS constructions.

  • Full rolls (100 m)
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