Tools and consumables 

Find here all necessary tools for surfboard lamination : buckets, squeegees, adhesives, brushes....


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  • Mixing buckets

    Buckets, graduated or not, necessity for your laminations, hot-coats, paints dilutions...

  • Squeegees

    In latex by Thalco brand, or in plastic, the squeegee is the essential tool to distribute the resin and fill the fiber on your surfboard

  • Brushes

    ... some brushes specially designed and hold together for the work in resins or solvants (acetone) :

    • width of 20mm or 60mm for ding repairs or the fitting of silk (logos)...
    • wider 120mm or 150mm. Some very wide brushed "spalter", used to spread the resin while hot-coating the board.
  • Adhesives

    ... some masking tape with different widths and also adhesive colored tapes to realize easily your "pinlines".

  • Others

    Glues, scissors, pump dispensers, pipettes, syringes, mixers...

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