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Leash, traction, wax are so many essential products to the practice of your favorite activity.


  • Covers
  • Tractions

    Equip your board whis a pad, grip, to increase adhesion of your back foot when surfing. The grip also allows you to protect your board.

  • Surfing leashes

    Essential accessory for surfing.
    Choose from different styles and sizes, leash that matches your surfing.

  • Wax

    Surfboard wax by Sticky Bumps and Ransom

  • Soft board: Formula Fun

    Formula Fun® knows how to have fun without taking any days off from performance. This high-performance watercraft nods to the past with its twin set-up and classic fish shape but looks toward the future with it’s high-performance design, engineering and “Future(s)” fins.

  • Wear & goodies

    If like us you like surfboard shaping and talking about surfboard, discover this selection of product dedicate to remind you to go shaping as soon as possible!

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