Stratify your surfboard, by using the best materials of the market: polyester Silmar resins, Hexcel fiberglass fabrics, Sicomin epoxy resins...

  • Resins

    VIRAL Surf distributes 2 resin types:

    • polyester resins : distributed under the brand "SILMAR" and formulated by the Interplastic Corporation company, references SIL-249 A, SIL-249 BFH and SIL-249 BB will delight their users thanks to the ease of use and the multiplicity of possible applications. SILMAR resins are used today in about 80% of worldwide workshops.
    • epoxy resins : formulated by the SICOMIN company, and distributed under "SURF CLEAR" name.
  • Fiberglass cloth

    VIRAL Surf distributes several types of fiberglass intended for surfboards lamination. "Taffeta E-Glass" fabrics, weaved (0 90 °). represents the major part of fiberglass fabrics used for the surfboards manufacturing. Their use for more than 30 years in the surfing industry proove iit is an major product.

  • Additives

    Along the surfboard manufacturing process, you will certainly need some chemical additives : wax in styren, monomer styren, PMEK catalyst, UV catalyst, microbaloons, silica, aceton...

  • Tools and consumables

    Find here all necessary tools for surfboard lamination : buckets, squeegees, adhesives, brushes....

  • Vacuuming

    Find here our consumables for vacuum stratification.

  • Security products

    Most of the materials used for the manufacturing of a surfboard are unfortunately toxic and corrosive.

    Do not neglect how toxic the can be and protect yourselves ! Safety first !

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