Surfboard blanks

We propose to you, through various worldwide well known brands of PU and EPS surfboard blanks, a wide choice of models combining different sizes, rockers and volumes. So find the most adapted working base to your future realization.

Choose your blank, by kind of surfboard.

  • Shortboard

    Shortboards are characterized by a slender pointy nose and generally smaller dimensions. These boards allow surfers excellent mobility for tricks and sharp cuts, but they are small, so they're harder to stabilize and are ridden by more experienced surfers.

  • Fish & Egg

    A fish is a short, stumpy board for riding small waves.

    Eggs look like stubby, rounded, hybrid longboards. Common in smaller surf, these boards about having fun, not so much about performance and tricks. Eggs are a good choice for beginning surfers, because their width makes them pretty stable (read: easier to stand up!) and they work great on small waves.

  • Funboard

    Funboards, or "mini-mals," are smaller versions of the classic longboard shape. Due to the funboard's reduced size, surfers have better mobility in the water, though they will sacrifice in stability and paddling ease.
    Funboards either have a single fin (like most longboards) or three fins (thruster style).

  • Longboard

    Longboards are characterized by their rounded nose and long length, and they typically sport a single fin.
    They are wide throughout, with a slight taper at the tail.

  • Gun

    Specific board for big waves surfing, with lenght going from 2,10 to more than 3 m long. Guns have a thin, needle-nosed template, similar in shape to a shortboard but much larger. The increased length makes it easy to paddle into larger, faster waves.

  • SUP

    Un-stringered EPS blanks, design for Stand Up Paddle shaping

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