Fins boxes 

Discover our removable fin systems for surfboards, ideal for those who want to evolve in their practice while maintaining the freedom to change fins or travel with removable fins. We offer Futures systems, known for their strength and lightness, for those looking to optimize their board's performance. We also have FCS systems, such as FCS II, FCS 1, or fusion, to meet a wide range of needs. Finally, we offer US box systems for the single or longboard fin attachment.



  • Futures.

    The strongest and lightest removable fin system of the market, The box is merged into the board, and the inserting edge of the full length of the fin's base will not create any air bubbles whatsoever.

    So, stop spinning out, and make the most out your fins, using a wide range of models, easy to travel with...



  • FCS compatibles
  • FCS

    FUSION, FCS II, FCS X2 fins plugs and the production tools required for installation.

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