Polish and lustring 

With your sanding machine, featuring a polishing plate in genuine sheep skin, and some polish, keep working on the board, in circular movements, until you reach the desired outcome. Use a moderate speed of rotation of the sander, in order to avoid any over-heating. Finally, protect your work with a finish liquid, and a synthetic lustring disk, with a tolerance to higher rpm.

These additional steps will guarantee the best mirror effect you can obtain !



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  • Aplicators

    We propose to you various ranges of polishing and lustring pads. Some made with foam, others with real wood for a professional result.

    Note that the 200mm wood pads require using an adapter for a use on an european sanding machine.

  • Polish et finish products

    Presta Marine marine buffing products supplier proposes a range of professional products allowing to obtain quickly real deep diamonds.

    As an example, the product " Super Cut Compound " is dedicated to remove up to 600-grit sand scratches. It saves you the boring steps of finest grits wet sanding.

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