The strongest and lightest removable fin system of the market, The box is merged into the board, and the inserting edge of the full length of the fin's base will not create any air bubbles whatsoever.

So, stop spinning out, and make the most out your fins, using a wide range of models, easy to travel with...




  • Boxes

    Find here sold as unit, or complete production sets, boxes corresponding to the Futures fins model you wish to install on your surfboard.

    1/2" in. or 3/4" in. correspond to the depths of boxes and to their places : 1/2" box thinner, noted "X", is a central box while 3/4" box noted "F", thicker, is a side box,

  • Installation tools

    Give favor to the instalation kits, for an adjusted and well-kept pose of your Futures. fins boxes.

    "One Pass" is the last generation of tools for installing your Futures plugs.

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